About us

A little piece of paradise in Ajoie

The Gîte de Sous-les-Roches is located on the heights of the village of Bressaucourt, in an isolated location 7km from the Porrentruy capital.

This 200 year-old building was one of the 99 farms owned by the Reinach Hirzbach family (Alsace). Then through life making its way and its history, the farm came into the hands of the family of Sury-Bussy, owner of the castle of Waldegg (Solothurn).

In 1970, the de Sury-Bussy family decided to sell Sous-les-Roches to our family.

Being no longer inhabited for nearly 50 years after the departure of the grandmother (and her family), we decided to renovate it completely.

We put all our in it, trying to respect her soul as well as possible.

It is completely autonomous, since it only consumes the electricity it produces thanks to photovoltaic panels and even has its own source.

There is also a beautiful outdoor space and a covered terrace.

All this surrounded by nature and quiet, with the only "voisines" being the heifers which graze there all year round.

Our family will be happy to welcome you there.

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